BK Duke (PACHA Rec.)

BK Duke started his career by mixing vinyl at school-parties and smaller events. At the age of 18, he became resident-DJ at the hottest club in town, Club California in Munich, Germany. Funk and Soul were his passion at that time and in the eighties, his style changed significantly to House. In 1997, after many years of experience in the house-scene and many shows on big events throughout Austria, Switzerland and Germany, he opened his own house club in Nuremberg, Germany.

You may state that BK Duke is a DJ for the really extraordinary events: New Year’s Eve 2000 he mixed for hundred thousands of people in front of “Brandenburger Tor” in Germany’s capital Berlin, shortly after that for ARD (Germany’s TV channel Number One) and in the following years he annually rocked the turntables for IKEA Party Zone, the world-famous Swedish furniture company (also more than 10.000 people) in Nuremberg, Germany.

As a celebrity DJ, he mixed for Escada, Laurel, Instyle Magazine, Patek Philippe, David Coulthard, Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) and also at Wladimir Klitschko´s birthday party.

Clear that nowadays a good DJ is nothing without a constant output of productions: BK Duke certainly won’t have any problem concerning a lack of output: in the past two decades he has produced more than one hundred original songs and remixed uncountable heavyweights of the scene: Sean Paul, Pitbull, Chris Lake, Bob Sinclar, Milk & Sugar, Barbara Tucker, Eddie Chacon (Charles & Eddie), 49ers, Ryan Paris, Mauro Picotto are only some of the artists whose tracks were getting the special BK Duke treatment.

His tracks are playlisted and supported by world’s leading DJ elite, entered the charts in various countries, developed to massive floor fillers around the world and appear on innumerable cd-compilations e.g. Hed Kandi, Ministry Of Sound, Radio Energy (NRJ), PACHA, Big City Beats… His dancefloor anthems “Paradise” & “Sunshine”, signed on PACHA Recordings, are featured on worldwide top sellers cd-compilations like e.g. PACHA Summer, PACHA Brasil and many more. Also german leading TV station VIVA picked his track on VIVA Club Rotation.

His weekly radio show “Play It Loud!” is broadcasted on more than 20 radio stations all around the globe on FM & online with more than 1 million listeners every week and show.

Next to his own songs and remixes, BK Duke is also producing as an exclusive author for ROBA Publishing and many other DJs. BK Duke – this means 200% House Music, that’s for sure!